5 Minute Productivity Hack for Home Workers

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We have an average working life is 70,000 hours.  In that time we will each undertaker a unique mixture of routine and non-routine, reactive and proactive, exciting and boring, easy and difficult tasks.  We will be judged on how well we work with others and how productive we are on our own. We will meet ‘radiators’ whose presence brightens our day and ‘drains’ who suck the life out of even the most enjoyable tasks. We will all have to work to deadlines and motivate ourselves where there is no deadline present.

Unique it may be, but effectiveness in any job depends on our ability to identify and maintain focus on priorities, plan our time and deliver quality results that add value for our colleagues and clients.

This one day programme explains the techniques used by those who have achieved spectacular success in whatever is their chosen field of endeavour.  Delegates will be given time to explore how these might work in the context of their own jobs and will leave with a detailed action plan for adopting and embedding more effective habits.  A follow up telephone coaching session with the course tutor is available to any who request it.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • want to have clearer career and life goals
  • have a full diary and want to get more out of every day
  • are expected to prioritise and plan your workload to deliver your objectives
  • would like regular slots of clear time to focus on complex work
  • need to work effectively as part of a team without becoming hostage to distractions
  • have to delegate, sometimes without authority, to achieve your objectives
  • work with people who sometimes need help in clarifying what they want
  • must balance the needs of multiple stakeholders, managing priority clashes that occur
  • would welcome ideas on how technology can help you track and manage your work
  • suffer from a messy desk and cluttered files

What you will learn:-

How to

  • establish clear, aligned career goals
  • plan your day according to rational priorities, leaving time for any reactive work that crops up
  • allocate realistic timescales to tasks so that you complete work on time
  • plan in regular blocks of uninterrupted time for working on complex tasks
  • use the full capability of Microsoft Outlook™ to manage e-mails and organise your workload
  • motivate yourself to do tasks where you are likely to procrastinate
  • manage client and manager expectations on delegated work
  • delegate to managers and peers where you no formal authority
  • deal with e-mail, phone and face-to-face distractions quickly and efficiently.
  • develop a logical and effective method of filing information

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