Consultative Selling

‘Consultative selling’ is the most commonly-used name for the skills used by all salespeople to understand their clients’ needs, offer recommendations and reach successful closure.

Based on a proven problem-solving methodology, this workshop distils what successful salespeople say and do into two inspiring and interactive days with everyone several opportunities to practice new approaches in realistic roleplays.

Delegates will leave with a detailed action plan for further embedding new skills.  A follow up telephone coaching session with the course tutor is available to any who request it.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • would like to build long-term relationships with your clients based on credibility and trust
  • sell solutions that require client buy-in to be successful
  • are measured on your success in ‘selling’ your ideas to clients
  • want your clients to see you as a valuable addition to every sales situation
  • feel your sales meetings could benefit from a clearer, more logical structure
  • want to be better at uncovering your clients’ true needs
  • are nervous about how and when to pitch your recommendations
  • find that you do not always know how to respond to clients’ objections to your proposal
  • miss opportunities by not closing with confidence

What you will learn:-

How to

  • apply problem-solving techniques in a sales setting
  • develop meaningful, long-term relationships with your clients based on trust
  • structure a sales call so that clients respond positively to your questions and allow you to uncover their true needs
  • ask the tough questions that would normally be off-limits, probing for further information,
  • listen actively, paraphrasing and summarising to help your clients be clearer on their situation and needs
  • offer recommendations that are innovative and clearly linked to your client’s needs
  • react appropriately when a client raises objections to your recommendations

  • move naturally to closure at the end of a sales call with clear actions for those involved
  • run an effective joint sales call in order to get maximum value out of all present

Delegates are given the opportunity to practice the skills needed in every step of the sales process playing both sides in a series of video-ed meetings using scenarios that closely mirror those they could expect to encounter in real life.  Facilitated feedback sessions allow all to learn from every meeting.

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