Just-in-Time Learning

In less than a generation technology has changed the face of business beyond recognition. What used to take days now takes hours and what used to take hours must now be done instantly.

We live in a ‘VUCA’ world surrounded by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity’.

In these conditions the ability to share corporate and best in class knowledge and skills is going to be a key differentiator between companies that thrive from those that fail.  This requires a culture and systems that promote continuous, just-in-time learning.

The good news is that technology is on the cusp of being able to deliver bite sized instruction and guidance to whoever needs it, wherever they are.

The role of talent development professionals is already moving from delivering face-to-face content to curating online learning. In many instances this means aligning as much with their IT and Internal Communications departments as with HR.

Companies with an eye on the future are no longer investing in Learning Management Systems (LMSs) but looking to Next Generation Learning Environments (NGLEs) capable of interfacing with corporate databases to give individuals the support they need whenever and wherever they need it.


Vondel is in the process of creating online materials that cover every area in which we are specialists in collaboration with Fuse – a world leading provider of online learning with the most flexible and powerful NGLE we have yet found.

Fuse-based materials are available to our clients in the Client Area of this website as a subscription service.  In addition, we would be delighted to discuss how Fuse can help you create an NGLE in your company so that everyone can access the skills they need and contribute to an open culture where subject matter experts are rewarded for sharing and the leadership can see who the real high performers are.

We can help by:

  • Explaining the opportunities available through online, mobile learning
  • Assisting you in developing online materials
  • Working with Fuse to help you design and implement a fully integrated NGLE


The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

  • Significant increase in skills and knowledge sharing
  • Increased motivation among staff
  • Greater change resilience across the organisation
  • Stronger client relationships based on better customer service
  • Reduced costs of training (after initial investment in new systems)

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