Leadership and Management Skills

The quote ‘May you live in interesting times’ is widely said to have ancient chinese origins but seems highly applicable to this era of economic, social, environmental, technological and geo-political change.

Whether ‘interesting times’ prove to be a blessing or a curse depends largely on the quality of leadership we or others can provide in assessing and reacting to new realities and thus we find organisations expending significant resources recruiting and developing the leadership potential of their staff.

Successful organisations have leaders at every level – even the individual with no-one reporting to them can be a leader in thought and action in relation to their role. Survey after survey of business leaders identifies individual initiative and communication skills as two of the key differentiators they look for when considering candidates for promotion.


Vondel’s leadership specialists are all people whose experience qualifies them to speak with authority about the challenges of leadership and management.

We recognise that every organisation has its own culture and model of leadership so we develop individual programmes using the most relevant and up to date material available rather than peddling a single formula or approach.

Programmes are experiential and aimed at giving delegates skills they can use immediately on return to their work. Larger interventions tend to be modular to give people the time to develop strong leadership habits.

Specific areas in which Vondel can assist are:

  • Input to Board level ‘offsite’ meetings
  • Training events such as: 

Senior operational level leadership programmes 
First line managers ‘Introduction to management’ 
Performance management training
Dealing with difficult employees 
‘The leader as coach’ training

  • Executive leadership coaching for key team members


      The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

      • Greater initiative and responsiveness at all levels
      • More energy for the most important activities
      • Better communication between and within focused teams
      • Less destructive friction and stress
      • More motivated employees

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