Team Communications

Effective teams are both the context for much of our personal development and the mechanism by which our individual creativity is most often harnessed to achieve significant results.

A great team does not just happen, it needs to be built in a way that is sensitive to its purpose and culture. Growth is a continuous process of adjustment, responsive both to the changing aspirations and capabilities of team members but also to changes in the external environment.

Teams have a life-cycle, moving through different stages of development in an unchanging order from initiation through growth to maturity and, unless steps are taken to avoid it, decline.

Each stage has its own challenges and opportunities, and knowledge of these make it possible to develop and sustain performance through a combination of continuous vigilance coupled with targeted interventions.


Our aim, at Vondel, is to be catalysts at key moments, supporting you in developing a culture of excellence within your teams. We describe ourselves as ‘catalytic’ because our aim is to facilitate moments of change without causing a culture of dependency where we need continually to be present for improvements to be sustained.

Specific areas in which Vondel can assist are:

  • Teamwork conferences and events for Companies and divisions 
  • Team development workshops for new teams or those looking to change 
  • Strategic planning events 
  • Conflict resolution


The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

  • Stronger team identity 
  • Improved communications within and between teams 
  • A more positive high performance culture within teams 
  • More productivity and creativity 
  • Reduced absenteeism and stress

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