Time / Self Management

Time Management is a core offering on most training menus and is the umbrella term for the skills of goal focus, prioritisation and personal planning and organisation that differentiates those who are successful in achieving worthwhile results from those who end up stressed and frustrated.

By being more personally effective your employees can also contribute more effectively within the team and enjoy better relationships with their clients.


Vondel Professional Development provides 'people-centred' assistance in time management - we don't sell a 'system' or 'organiser' although we do regularly help those who have them to make the best use of them. We train people in the practical use of electronic diaries and mobile technology. We take account of both computer and paper-based based information and deliver practical solutions to real life problems.

As well as personal skills Vondel courses frequently incorporate modules on delegation and meetings.

Much of the training we deliver is modular to give people the time to develop new, more productive habits with coaching used to support more senior members of staff or those with specific issues.

Services we provide include:

  • training new graduates and junior executives
  • facilitating team discussions about workplace effectiveness
  • conducting time management audits
  • advising on workplace practices and culture

    Materials are always adapted to take account of different industries and roles. 
    Courses are made interactive using case studies and group activities


    The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

    • more focused, self-motivated and productive staff
    • better workplanning leading to higher quality results and fewer missed deadlines
    • Better and more confident customer service
    • Better delegation and teamwork
    • better systems for assessing, storing and retrieving information

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