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In a business landscape that rewards agility, Vondel Professional Development offers thought-leadership and practical assistance to organisations and individuals seeking to pivot and thrive in uncertain times.

Time to Think

'Old habits die hard' - and today they can also kill you! 

It is dangerous to assume that yesterday's responses will work for today's problems.

At Vondel, we are specialists in giving businesses, teams and individuals the time and the tools to reflect on the challenges and opportunities they face, so that they can construct and embed changes that combine people and technology to deliver maximum value for all stakeholders.

We do this through world-class diagnostics, well-timed advice and learning interventions designed to be accessiblerelevantcost-effective and fun! 

Our solutions frequently blend online and face-to-face interactions and we are excited by the opportunities for peer-to-peer and ‘just-in-time’ learning offered by new technology. 

However, we still use face-to-face workshops for more complex personal or interpersonal skills where success depends on an ‘Aha’ moment. We select our facilitators for their ability to achieve this result, taking care to match the right person to the right group. 

We also provide our clients with top quality coaching for C-suite or high potential talent, or where the issue is particularly sensitive. Our coaches are great listeners, discrete and able to draw on a wealth of experience to help people engage with and resolve complex problems. 

Space to Think

The majority of our work is conducted on client premises but if you have nowhere suitable we can now offer Headspace – a beautifully appointed meeting space in rural Warwickshire 10 minutes from Junction 15 of the M40 and 4 miles south of the historic town of Stratford-upon-Avon.  Well-equipped and spacious, it is an ideal for teams needing somewhere away from the office to work through a challenge or plan a project.

We run a range of open programmes from there but the facility is also available for hire on an ad hoc basis. 

Call us for information about facilities and daily delegate rates and the cost of overnight accommodation.

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