From Ideas to Results

This is a practical and highly interactive two-day workshop focusing on the skills you need to manage any larger and longer-term task on your ‘To Do’ list.

You may not be called a project manager but the skills of scoping and planning work, getting buy in from stakeholders and delivering both fast and accurate results are essential for anyone looking to move on in their career. 

Particularly popular in graduate and first-line manager programmes, this course has modules on how to establish what the end user really requires, how to plan multiple lines of concurrent activity, how to delegate without authority and how to make time for project work in your hectic daily schedule.

Delegates will be encouraged to apply techniques to a ‘live’ project during training and will leave with a detailed action plan for adopting and embedding more effective approaches.  A follow up telephone coaching session with the course tutor is available for any who request it.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • have a job that demands or rewards initiative
  • find it difficult to get started on larger more complex tasks
  • need to delegate to people over whom you have no authority
  • want to become better at scheduling larger and more complex tasks
  • are expected to anticipate and manage risk
  • find your work priorities and deadlines are constantly shifting
  • have demanding clients who want everything ‘now!’ (but don’t want to pay for it!)
  • want to be the kind of manager people listen to and work willingly for

What you will learn:-

How to:

  • manage your time so that you can tick off a chunk of project work every day
  • recruit the right people into your project team
  • divide project work into appropriate phases, each with their own deliverables
  • identify, prioritise and manage stakeholders
  • agree and record an accurate scope
  • create an accurate and robust project plan
  • delegate project tasks and monitor their delivery
  • manage and record changes to scope.
  • ‘sell’ project deliverables to the client /end user group
  • create a strong learning culture in your projects so that mistakes are not repeated

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